Bacon Cupcakes for Orange Lounge Radio

My friend Loki’s birthday was on Sunday, and since he loves bacon, I decided to make him some bacon cupcakes.   The cupcakes don’t actually have bacon in them because, well, that would be all kinds of gross (I wouldn’t know how much to put in, or what the resulting texture would be like); I pretty much just used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe with the same vanilla buttercream frosting I used for my chocolate cupcakes and topped each one with little bacon pieces.  If I ever find a tantalizing bacon cupcake recipe, though, you can be sure that I’ll try it out :)

Like with many fine confections, I had to start by creaming the butter and sugar together.

I then added the rest of the ingredients and mixed a little more.  The batter for this particular cupcake recipe was weird – it reminded me of a very dense Cool Whip: thick, light, and airy, very much unlike any other type of cupcake batter that I’ve ever made.

I popped the cupcakes into the oven for a good 20 minutes and put them on a rack to cool after they were done baking.  While the cupcakes were cooling, I got started with the frosting (and this time I took pictures!).  I began by cooking some milk and flour until it formed a thick pudding.

As that cooled in the fridge, I creamed butter and sugar together until it was exceptionally voluminous, probably at least a good ten minutes, if not longer.

After the pudding mixture cooled, I added some vanilla to it and scooped it into the butter and sugar mixture.  Again I mixed for a very long time (the recipe uses granulated sugar, and I basically had to keep mixing until the granules had disappeared).  The frosting turned out incredibly fluffy, almost like a delicious, fattening, sugary cloud :)

I was pressed for time, so I had to frost the cupcakes when they were still a little warm in the center (they were cool to the touch on top, though, which was the most important thing).  I made quick work of the frosting process and topped each cupcake with a couple of slices of bacon.

I hurriedly packed them into a container and sped over to the Orange Lounge Radio studio, where I presented Loki with the cupcakes.  I stayed around to guest on the show for a little while, too, and waited for an opportunity to snap some shots of each of the hosts enjoying one of the treats.

The birthday boy rounds out his celebratory Carl's Junior birthday meal with a scrumptious, bacony confection

It seems like everyone enjoyed the cupcakes (Jamie especially liked the frosting!), which made me feel awesome :D  They tasted a lot like sugar cookies in a dense cupcake form to me, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just…different than what I’m used to.  I’d probably make them again in the future :)

That’s it!  Happy Birthday, Loki!


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